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Welcome! Today is Wednesday January 17th , 2018


I was born and raised in E. Northport, NY. It was once a fantastic little town and has become quite plagued over the years. I'm not sure what happened but I don't feel as safe as I should or used to. Thankfully, Northport Village is still holding on to it's roots.

I had an average childhood growing up. My best friend lived around the corner from me. We used to kick the shit out of each other for no reason but always remained friends. I experienced the typical family feuding as most kids do. I used to think that my real parents were extremely rich and lived in another state. Ha ha ha! Now that my thinking unit has evolved, I'm glad my parents are who they are. I wouldn't want it any other way. They taught me how to appreciate life for what it's worth and to make the best with whatever you have or don't have.

I was an ugly duckling but, I got better! I had an overbite which made me look like a rat and acne that made my face look like a war zone. My legos, matchbox cars and train sets didn't mind!

I was never big on sports. I played baseball (little league) for the elementary years, learned karate and played hockey during my middle school era and graduated to the party scene when High School rolled around. I coasted through high school and probably could have done better if I tried...but for what? I didn't have any direction. I just liked getting ripped.

Finally I received an assoicates degree after four long years of stuff I'll never use again. I switched majors four times: Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Applied Mathematics and Business Administration / Accounting Minor. It just wasn't for me. Then, by chance, I discovered computers. I instantly fell in love. I began studying them on my own at first and later, found New Horizons. My mom actually told me about it because she took classes there. So I enrolled. A month later they hired me. The pay was shitty but, I soaked up every piece of information I could find. Sponge-mode-squad! I left New Ho and began real world jobs. I am now self-employed and own ComTek-NY, Inc.

My résumé can be found |here|