Why I Prefer Traditional Computing Devices

The answer is simple…You can do so much more with a traditional computer. You can’t install Adblock Plus on an iDevice. Adblock Plus with Pandora = no ads and unlimited skips and music! Throw in Tampermonkey and Anti-Adblock Killer and now you can view those sites that require adblock to be disabled or whitelisted.

I will use a tablet for dumb stuff like WoT games or checking emails but I will never make it my primary device. Give me a laptop or desktop running Windows or Linux.

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Alive and Well

It’s been 3 years since a post…life happens.  I’m still happily married.  I’m also a dad now.  My son is 14 months old and is a monster just like his daddy!

I’ve been through a few jobs since 2014 and am now the Director of Technology at a disposable products company in Hauppauge, NY.  Working on some fun projects here.

I’ve finished my brother’s site http://www.phase3training.com and I’m proud of him and Phase 3 Training.  He’s really making a name for himself.  You should check out the testimonials.

I do weekend work with my friend Dave.  I design and implement wired / wireless networks.  Dave’s company does much more than that such as camera systems, audio / video, home automation…etc.  Super excited about a big project coming up in the near future.  Get to play with another Peplink router and some Ruckus equipment!

I haven’t found the time to start building the add-on for my site which would offer a chance to publicly call-out terrible drivers.  It’s still something I want to do but not now.  I’ve got some other things cooking plus we just got into Sneaky Pete.  Awesome show.

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What’s New?

I started working on a few new projects recently.  One is a site for my brother which I will reveal at a later date when it is completed.  The other is an add-on for my site!  I am excited about both of them. read more…

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NY State Dept of Tax & Finance

Maybe the state wouldn’t be in a financial hole if their web file worked.

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Mavis Discount Tires

Last week I went to Mavis because my car was driving funny.

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Wedding Plans

Things are starting to work out for us!

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Hello there and welcome to my official blog.

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