Mavis Discount Tires

Last week I went to Mavis because my car was driving funny.

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  1. Roxy says:

    Sleazy mechanics have been snilleg alignments as standard maintenance for years. An alignment is done by turning a nut on your tie rods, this points the individual tire either more towards the center of the car or towards the outside of the car, this is called adjusting the toe. The entire alignment takes less than five minutes. The term in the shop is “adjust the toe and collect the dough.”Many cars don’t even have any adjustment for the rear wheel’s alignment. That means that many cars can’t have a four wheel alignment without some serious work being performed. I’m not saying a shop won’t charge you for it, I’m just saying that they’re not doing anything to the rear wheels.I think that should answer your question about whether or not you have to do all four wheels.There are a lot of misconceptions about wheel alignment. Many people inaccurately think an alignment is basic car maintenance. The fact is, your car is very unlikely to go out of alignment without actually hitting something. Common reasons to need an alignment would be sliding into a curb with the front wheels turned to one side or hitting a pot hole.If you’ve been using the old test of taking your hands off the wheel and seeing if your car goes straight, stop it, it’s an extremely ineffective way to tell if your car’s alignment is out. That behavior can be caused by many different reasons, like tire pressure or more commonly the “crown” in the road.The signs that your car needs an alignment are always visible in your tire wear and that is how you should be determining if you need to get your car aligned. If you’re having one tire wear more than the others or if you have the edge of one tire wearing more than the rest of the tires AND there’s a feathered pattern to the wear, that indicates you need an alignment.If there’s no strange wear on your tires, you don’t need an alignment.It sounds like you didn’t need an alignment.The wheel shaking could be from warped brake rotors or an unbalanced wheel.

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