What’s New?

I started working on a few new projects recently.  One is a site for my brother which I will reveal at a later date when it is completed.  The other is an add-on for my site!  I am excited about both of them.

So the add-on for this site is aimed at helping drivers become more “educated” and aware of how dangerous their actions are.  Basically, you will be able to post these hazardous people on my site in a hope that they will see their offense(s).  My thought process is that most people are either blind to the things they do or just don’t give a shit because nobody has confronted them.  With a “gentle” nudge, they will be more conscience of their driving habits.  Secondly, you – the poster, will feel better about getting some frustration off your chest.  It could be a win-win if everyone walks away feeling better!  If not, this should be a laugh riot as humans do some pretty fucked up shit behind the wheel.

Regardless, if someone is driving like a dick they should called out on it.  Remember, “it’s always an asshole in a BMW” (or expensive car).

-Chris P

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