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Which type of reform does the US need asap?
Health Care
Political...and I mean everything Political!
A time fix many decades worth of shitty decisions.

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Sex: Male
Age: 36
Sign: Capricorn
Occupation: IT Ninja
Marital Status: Married
Tied Knot: Sept. 2011

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Welcome! Today is Wednesday January 17th , 2018

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Donations are gladly excepted. I am self-employed which means my income isn't constant. I am finally feeling the effects of the recession plus some clients have dicked me over hardcore.

"No names over the net." -Behind Enemy Lines

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2) Send me business: I'm a computer consultant. I fix all computers running a native Windows™ operating system. No MACS, sorry. I can setup and secure wired/wireless networks. I am not limited to only residential clients, businesses welcome! Best of all, most problems can be fixed remotely. Requires a computer with a high-speed internet connection that can boot up into Windows™ and browse the internet via Internet Explorer.